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Stefania Milazzo was born in Catania, Sicily (Italy) in 1976 and she works in Dresden (Germany) as a Performer and Videomaker. She teaches basic dance to elementary school and kindergarden children. At the same time she collaborates with different dance-theatre projects with disabled people in Germany (Conduco e.V.) and in Italy (I cuori rivelati).
She organizes Dance, Theatre and Music Workshops in Sicily for the Cultural Association Sicularte.

She has graduated in Molecular Biology and after her studies, she has worked for 6 years as Research Fellow for complementary and alternatives therapies in cancer treatments at the Complementary Medicine Department in Exeter, Devon (UK) and at the AGBKT at Klinikum Nord in Nuremberg (Germany).

Once she started practicing Feldenkrais Method®, Improvisation Dance and Contact Improvisation in Italy, UK and Germany with Thomas Kampe and Heike Pourian, she decided to quit her job and to deep her research and knowledge into Movement, Dance and Image.
She also studied South Italy Folk Dances at the danzaE-mozione with the dance company danzataranta by Margherita Badalà.
Recently she has developed the Water Dance, a discipline that combines her 13-year old practice in synchro swimming with contact improvisation, which is suitable for young people, adults and people with disabilities.

After her training in Film and Documentary at the Sentieri Selvaggi school in Rome, she has got some fundings from Film Buro Franken Nuernberg to develop and direct several film projects, that have joined different international film festivals.
The Documentary film Abuso won the prize as best documentary at the Strange Screen Festival Thessaloniki.
L'attesa has been selected to several international film festivals and has a got a special mention at the Immagine Continua festival of Catania, Berlin, Amsterdam and Milano.
Another special mention and several prizes have been awarded to Ein anderer Blickwinkel (Head heArt), a documentary about the disabled artist painter and friend Giuseppe La Monica, living in Syracuse, Italy.

Up today she has exhibited her Photography works Europe-wide in personal and group exhibitions in UK, Germany, Greece and Italy. 
Farben der Stadt (city colours) has been shown at the Cheap Art Contemporary Art Festival in Thessalonikki and in Espressioni Italiane in Athens. Terra e Mare was exhibited at the gallery Weinerei (Nuremberg, Germany), at the Casa Internazionale delle Donne, Rome and at Studio Re.Ba. Catania (Italy).
She has taught photography and video to young people and adults in schools and during video-dance Workshops.

She has been leading performance groups in Italy, Oscena Urbana and Dance Attack, the latter being selected at the Crisis Art Festival in Arezzo, performing with Iperflop. 
In 2014 she has established the site-specific performance group Proforma in Dresden, that has performed with "human waste" at the Umundu Festival in the geh8 Kunstraum und Atelier  e.V Dresden, "Tracce #3urbane space" at the geh8 Dresden and "Wenn Konsum zur Notwendigkeit wird" during the shopping centre  opening in Dresden.
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